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“Isn’t advertising dead?”


This, from a fellow guest, at a party I attended after mentioning I was in advertising.

Needless to say, I was shocked, SHOCKED, that any one would have thought that. But this was the perception (to the layperson) vs. the reality.


I went on to explain “No, it wasn’t dead… the places companies advertise in has grown considerably… companies still need to create product or company awareness.”

“Not every company is a Coca-Cola or Microsoft. With the deep pockets to do TV, radio, print, direct mail, interactive, web advertising, darn, everything! You may not be the star quarterback (an off-the-cuff thought that inspired our latest email blast campaign, below), but you STILL need to get noticed.”

For every behemoth there’s an upstart.

So your firm doesn’t have revenue in the billions, you still need to be marketing.

Bottom line, get the word out to your customers… no matter what they think of the advertising business!

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