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Pro Se marketing?


Full disclosure: today’s post was inspired by a This American Life podcast.

Pro Se is a legal term that means representing oneself versus hiring a lawyer. As I learned, defending yourself is tempting and fairly common when going to court. A gutsy move.

Hmmm, could Pro Se also be applied to marketing?

Well, an attorney isn’t actually creating your marketing – you are. It might be cost or not knowing where to have it produced and executed – both valid reasons. Or the best person to sell the company or product is you. Maybe.

The benefit of an outsider is their perspective or skill set. To be honest, they’re not blinded by love. They will see your product/firm in its unvarnished reality. What you think is important may not be important for your target. Or maybe your focus is right but the message isn’t clear or delivered correctly.

And this is what the marketing expert, the advertising agency, brings to the table. They should offer sound strategic thinking AND a fresh creative product. As pointed out in previous posts, deep pockets need not preclude good marketing. When you have less you go bold.

Ask for help. Resist the urge to be a marketing DIY’er.

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