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Advertising. A cautionary tale.


A traffic cone’s fluorescent orange will always get our attention.

Fine. But what are you doing to get consumer attention? To read your print or banner ad? Watch your commercial?

It’s not easy. You have about 3-4 seconds to “grab” someone with a print ad. TV? Maybe 5-10 seconds.

You can always “carpet bomb” the consumer… the idea of sheer volume and repetition. Although, from a media perspective, this could be fairly expensive.

Or there’s the “surgical strike” approach… quality over quantity. This relies on a unique photograph or image. A clever headline or word play. For TV or radio an interesting or funny story told in a different way (we humans always appreciate that). In short, if you don’t have much for marketing (and really, who does) this method is the most efficient and effective.

Don’t throw marketing caution-to-the wind but do get out there and say something.

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