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The Streamlined Ad Agency.


Sounds like an oxymoron but they exist. Thanks to the present economy the days of the bloated, ponderous, slow-reacting ad agency are coming to an end.

For advertisers this is very good news. Every client deserves good, unique and creative thinking. And why not quick turnaround too?

Competing in your industry, against the Big Boys or not, requires messaging done NOW. Reaction time could be critical. A leaner, more agile agency will understand, help and deliver. Beware though, agility offers quick reflexes, but marketing should not be reactive. Your marketing has to be a continuation of a well-planned strategy. It’s one thing to shoot fast, but aim is everything.

Lack of agency bureaucracy should result in greater value and efficiency (your CFO will have to smile over the cost savings). If not, you could be with the wrong agency.

It’s up to you, would you rather work with a speedboat or an oil tanker?


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  1. hsutton permalink
    11/02/2010 1:23 pm

    What is the fuel that powers this?

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