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Expose your self! Well, actually, your company.


Keep in mind, even though it’s January (BTW-Happy New Year! ), no company ever died of exposure! Let alone over exposure.

Advertising in all its forms: print ads, direct mail post cards, Facebook, web banner ads, mobile messaging, your web site (you do have one?), Twitter, public relations, radio, TV all get your company and message out there.

Now you know where to market.

There’s never been any doubt that simply inundating your target audience with advertising, will work. Something’s bound to sink in, after being seen or heard, 10+ times.

But are you communicating “why you”? Pointing out an important and unique attribute about your business and/or product creates stickiness (Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die). Meaning the consumer can’t get it out of their mind. See “Nothing but Net” for McDonalds or Nike’s “Just do It!

I know… but who has the marketing budget of a McDonalds or Nike?

Well, to that I’d say, that the exposure is important but what is said is more important.

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  1. Juan Garcia permalink
    01/25/2011 11:57 am

    Great blog Billy, you should do some career counseling.

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