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Cabin Fever?


I’ve sensed a marketing cabin fever in some companies recently. This, no doubt, being the result of three lean and frugal marketing years.

As consumers we’ve all been very careful with our money… buying what we need versus what we want.

And as the consumer goes so does business… by turning the marketing faucet off. Yes, money is saved. But that’s a knee-jerk reaction. Today out-of-sight is out-of-mind… super fast! That’s not good.

However there seems to be a thaw occurring now. Not a massive rush but some positive movement.

Three years in marketing is a long time. Social media (the new): the Facebooks, the Twitters, the Foursquares, etc. have continued to grow and now have greater share in many marketing budgets. The ROI appears to be lower by placing the promotion du jour, awareness or branding, almost literally, into the hands of the consumer.

As with traditional print, TV/radio these new marketing outlets will not be the cure-all for marketing issues… all forms need to be part of the marketing arsenal. Regardless of the medium, new or old, they all must create awareness, further both strategic strengths and the brand.

Turn your company’s restlessness into action! But know that you need to be in the water to catch the wave… not on shore.

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