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Looking good IS looking bigger!


Today’s post isn’t about joining a gym or the marketing for Bally Fitness.

No, this one is about how you can get your company to appear larger than it actually is.

I’m referring to “Good Marketing”… the clever, strategic and branded type. The must-haves that will not only help you look more substantial, but also more professional and more legit. This is precisely the message you want to send present and future customers; you’re reliable, know what you’re doing and can back it up. FYI-this is the kind a good ad agency or design firm specifically creates and specializes in.

Your marketing is your customer’s first impression, and their on-going impression. The web site, the ads, the direct mail, the eblasts, the Facebook page, the logo, the tagline all have to enhance and further the personality of the company. It’s the consumer’s default perspective of what you stand for and produce. Your reputation is on the line so your marketing needs to be done professionally and constantly supported.

Simply a game of perception vs. reality?  Sure, but if the reality is that you are trustworthy, why shouldn’t the perception also follow?

You’re proud of your company and your marketing needs to show that in all its glory.

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