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“You have the right to remain silent.”


Sound familiar? If you grew up in America, you would have heard this phrase on every police show since 1966. It’s just one line from the famous Miranda warning.

Good advice if you’re ever arrested. Not so good if you’re marketing a service or product.

Your silence, or in our case – not advertising, obviously won’t help your company. You’re marketing is nowhere to be seen and you aren’t giving the consumer a persuasive reason and reminder to purchase your product. You have left the building and are off the radar! The only thing that will save you is if your competition is doing the same thing. And chances are they aren’t!

Even if you haven’t “improved” your product you can promote it with a twist in messaging and in different mediums. Anything the consumer hasn’t seen yet will get noticed. Maybe you can expand who you target? Running print ads… how about Facebook, eblasts or mobile? A new and different creative take on your product? Sure… but please make sure it’s strategic.

Resist the urge to lay low, save money and not market. The time has come to sing like a canary!

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