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I found it. A business marketing WON’T work for!


I recently met a woman who’s in diamonds. I have admit that I was thrown by what she said… duh, aren’t diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Ummm… no, that’s not what she meant. She buys diamonds. This is DeBeers, Geneva, Israel, South Africa stuff.

I realized I had come upon one of a handful of businesses that won’t ever use marketing. I did say use… not need.

The reason being everyone wants diamonds. Not only do jewelers use them for engagement rings, earrings and pendants, but criminals… to steal. Think about it… just about every “Caper” film has revolved around the planning/execution of the diamond heist. To name a few, gems (sorry) like RififiThe Hot Rock, The Pink Panther, Thief and Snatch.

Marketing’s purpose is to create awareness, send a message, publicize a new product by getting on the consumers radar. Certainly, publicizing the fact that you buy something people are willing to steal is not brilliant! In fact, the radar I just mentioned, you want to be… and stay off it! Buying diamonds is a business requiring stealth and a low profile.

But for the other 99.99% of businesses, marketing is necessary. To get on that coveted radar!

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