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Facebook or Twitter? Yes! However…


you still have to convey to the consumer “why you”! Why you are better than your competition. Facebook and Twitter are simply another way of getting your message out and creating awareness.

You probably get greater value in using Facebook and Twitter… because there’s a better chance of feedback (good and bad) to and with your customer. No need to worry about cost or delay of research or focus groups to find out what your target is thinking. Your product didn’t do this or that; you’ll hear about it.

Before the internet/social media, magazine ads, direct mail and radio/TV commercials did all of the heavy awareness lifting. This scattershot approach (who reading the magazine was actually interested in your product?) worked at one time. For these avenues to be effective, patience and budget had to be in copious amounts. Which was fine… THEN, not any longer.

“Value” is a word I’d never use in the same sentence with print or TV advertising. In our experience, the creative (the idea) for the print and TV commercials is usually the cost-effective part of a marketing campaign. It’s the media buy where at least 70% of the budget goes. We’ve all heard about the price to run a commercial during the Super Bowl. That’s what the pundits are referring to… the media buy for the game.

In the end, any way that you can get your name or product to stand out in the marketplace will be good. Perhaps, unlike traditional marketing, “value” can be associated with Facebook and Twitter. It won’t hurt to find out.

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