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The Distillation Process.


In marketing, distilling your message is not dumbing-down.

It’s placing a finer point on your product’s benefits.

Simplify, for the consumer, the  reasons for buying your product. If you produce one ad or a TV spot resist the temptation to over-load it with everything and anything. There is only so much the consumer can absorb so making things more convoluted is not going to work. It’s hard enough to get the consumers attention, so when you have it, make it quick! Otherwise your message, and marketing budget, has gone the way of the wild-blue-yonder.

“Hold on… we have plenty to say about our new XYZ widget!”

Okay, fine… there are other benefits? Prioritize the key reasons. Baking soda comes to mind: 1) well-known as a refrigerator odor eater. 2) great in a pancake recipe. Also good to use for 3) cleaning silver ware (one aluminum pie crust pan, insert silver, sprinkle baking soda over silver, add boiling water. Rinse.). But, please, not in the same ad.

Keep it simple and make it easy for your customers. Focus on your primary and most important point and be done with it!

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