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Who’s different? You are! Then show it.


Waiting at a traffic light the other day, my eye caught a well-maintained, red Jeep. It was an older one… maybe a CJ.

It wasn’t white, black or silver. It wasn’t German, Japanese or Korean. But it was different. In a sea of cars, it stood out.

Which leads me to today’s post: what does your company do that no one else can say? What’s your company’s fingerprint? What makes it unique? Does it manufacture something someone also does, but better? Do you offer greater value? And does your consumer know this?

Here’s what we suggest to our clients… and it doesn’t require beaucoup bucks either: take chances with your marketing. Do risky work.

Being different requires it. But a word of caution… more important than budget is having the backbone to stand by it! Everyone from your CEO, President, COO all need to be supportive. Not only will you’ll find the marketing easier but being risky will generate “buzz”. And buzz is the free marketing Holy Grail that every company could use.

Even if you aren’t different, promoting your company is a lot better than doing nothing.

Oh, by the way, it should be obvious that your company better be able to follow through at what it does… otherwise you’ll be “different” for the wrong reason.

But back to what got me started. A red Ferrari would have caught my eye also but a $15,000 Jeep got my attention. At a fraction of the cost.

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