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I’m a big fan of KISS


Henri Matisse "Nude from the Back" - 1950

Not the late ’70s hard rock band. But the acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid.

KISS is the primary principle behind all effective branding and marketing.

A simplified strategy will always be easier to execute and, in turn, will be more digestible by your consumer. Everywhere you look… logos, movies, car design, literature, etc. it’s all about simplification. The “noise” has been striped out to focus on the important part. What’s the primary thought you want your target to remember? Make it easy for people.

The consumer may not realize the effort that has gone into getting a logo or a new Lexus to market. But I can tell you plenty of logos may have been designed and then refined before their public introduction. Likewise, the new car model; which has been trimmed down, tweaked and refined by the time it arrives in the marketplace.

Here’s a Henri Matisse story I was told while attending art school: every 19 year old student initially draws their nudes using a simple black outline. As Matisse did. What we art students didn’t realize was that it took Matisse 60 years to get to that simple line. Not a couple of semesters. He was constantly trimming, tweaking and refining… 60 years taught him to simply “take the garbage out”.

Since you won’t have 60 years… aiming for simplicity is your only course of action.

Remember: “KISS rules!”

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