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“Moneyball”: paraphrased?


That’s right… here’s my read on “Moneyball”; the book written by Michael Lewis about how Billy Beane and his unappreciated and undervalued Oakland A‘s were able to compete and excel with a limited budget.

But my subtitle would be: Getting more with less: marketing in this crazy economy.

It’s no secret that when there’s a slow down the first cut is to the marketing budget. When the widgets aren’t selling the marketing gets placed on indefinite hold. As a business owner, I too, will forego certain capital improvements. We cut back.

But… I do not cut back on my firm’s marketing. i.e.: self-promotion, eblasts and networking. My aim (as it is for our clients) is getting the most bang for our buck. Whatever has the greatest potential to help us “stand out”, agencyHARTWELL will try. It’s not easy, certainly if your budget has been cut. However, recognizing the opportunity the economy has created is very important… because the marketing landscape has changed.

The momentum, awareness and exposure that you’ve created needs to be protected anyway possible. Doing nothing is going backwards; a hole that is unnecessary. I’ve said it before: you don’t need to spend a lot… but you need to spend something.

Most companies may not be crunching numbers and poring over stats as Mr. Beane has. But sitting on the sidelines (sorry, mixing my metaphors) isn’t going to help get you out of a slump. You have to get up to the plate… and swing!

Swing and keep at it.

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