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Google ads!


I’m sure you’ve heard about those. They’re usually the first stop for businesses looking to do some form of advertising. Not too expensive but a starting point.

But this post is not about Google Ad Words. It’s about their forthcoming ad campaign.

“Why do they need to advertise? They doing great without it” you say.

Google certainly doesn’t need brand awareness or exposure. Google, like Kleenex or Xerox, has become the byword for internet search.

Do they feel a need to connect with people of all stripes? Maybe. This recent article in the New York Times explains why.

Success brings certain issues into focus. In Google’s case, needing to branch out beyond search and clickable ads; having more products requires increased marketing.

And, this is big, the competition has become more adept and savvy. Google has become a big target. It’s hard being the leader; first you’re lauded, then chased, then criticized.

So the time has come where one of the most successful brands needs to get their story out. Sounds like they’ll go about it the right way… by getting to the consumer through emotion: telling a humorous story, an experience or an interesting take on life. We consumers love getting a deal, but show us how relatable and human we are, and we’re yours!

Bottom line, it comes to this: if Google feels the need to advertise, what are you doing?

It’s a new year… get marketing.

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