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Marketing. Your campaign for attention.


Think about it.

Politically speaking, the GOP debates did exactly what any marketing program would have needed to do. Trying to get greater exposure and air time for their president-seeking lineup. The debates expanded on the various Republican products from Michele Bachmann to Rick Santorum. Not unlike what GM, Coke or Apple would do for their lineups.

If your company is the candidate then your marketing firm is your campaign manager. It’s our job to make sure you receive the proper attention and sell you to the public.

Although, in politics as in the marketplace, you won’t please everyone. You shouldn’t go down that path anyway (kowtowing is usually not considered a good approach).

Just knowing your target will prevent you from wasting a lot of your marketing budget. Clearly defining your firm’s position and the primary reason why the consumer should buy your product. That’s it… very simple. Stay on strategy and stay on message… everyone will benefit.

If your marketing is working the right way the public will vote.

By buying your product!

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