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The Super Bowl: the mother of all marketing opportunities


Super Bowl XLVI (#46 in english) is upon us next weekend… without a doubt the biggest day for American sports.

But equally as important is the advertising exposure it gives to many companies.

Now, to be fair, do we really need to watch another commercial about how great Google/MicroSoft/Apple is? And how many GMC or Ford pick up truck spots can you watch? We get it!

The fun part of the game (if the Giants aren’t destroying the Patriots) are the commercials from the new and emerging companies. The newbies as it were; the ones that have saved marketing money and are gambling on the product awareness 111 million estimated viewers (last year’s number) will generate… in one 60+ minute “program”!

We have Apple to thank for the noise created over the commercials. It seems commonplace now, but they were the first to employ 1) a very creative idea and 2) run it in the last two minutes of the game. As we all know from reality shows notoriety works very well also… who heard of GoDaddy before this one?

No, the really big number you’ll be hearing about will be the cost of one :30 Super Bowl commercial ($3 million). No wonder we see spots from the likes of Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, et al!

OK, but from the marketing perspective, what does Super Bowl success look like? Hmmm, let’s see… a creative commercial idea + $3 million + 111 million viewers = off-the-charts revenue possibilities!

With odds like that, that’s a game plan I know Vegas would bet on!

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