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Spinning plates


Have you ever seen a plate spinner? I have, once.

The spinner had five china plates and five 3/8″ thick wooden dowels. He balanced the plates on the dowels and gave each a twisty spin with both hands until all five were spinning. He stood back and… applause!

Very shortly though, the second plate started to wobble. And then the fifth. He went back to #2 and gave it another spin and did the same to #5. He kept at it, jumping from 5 to 1 to 4 to 3 to 2. Click here to see an example.

Plate spinning is also an excellent metaphor for any company’s marketing program.

Mainly, that you need to be attentive and maintain your efforts… otherwise you’ll waste time and money.

Any marketing campaign will take less energy and money when one is already running; by capitalizing on the momentum that your online ad, billboard, TV commercial or social media buzz has generated.

Obviously, if you are marketing, the messaging of your initial campaign is complete. This is the most expensive part of the marketing process… your product needs an introduction to your target so it requires the most start-up funding. A splashy beginning is good… but what do you do for the encore?

As with plate spinning, your marketing requires constant attention. You cannot fire and forget. Maintain and protect your product awareness by using your budget consistently. A slow trickle is better than nothing at all.

Maintain and keep at it. A tailwind sure beats a headwind.

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