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Social Business Acceptability?


In the course of meeting new people, either through networking, volunteering or your kid’s soccer games, you’ll eventually be asked what you do?

“I own a marketing firm“.

To a person, the next question usually is: “What do you think about social media?”… Facebook, eblasts, Twitter, etc.

Most everyone knows how Facebook fits into their personal life. But what everyone is trying to figure out is where all of this has a place in their business life. It is indeed The Wild West out there… scary and fun all at once.

No doubt that if you deal with the consumer (B2C) you need to have a Facebook page, mobile reach, blasts, a Twitter handle. Makes sense, you’ll be reaching out to your consumer in many ways… all efficient. Be prepared though, this is a dialog that can boomerang. i.e., they can reach you too with all the good and the bad.

However, for businesses speaking to business (B2B) social media comes with caveats. The benefit may not be as obvious as the consumer version, but it does help. Probably more so in that not having a B2B Facebook page will be noticed; the type of awareness you don’t want.

You see, what social media is doing is creating “digital squeaking”; aka, the 21st century take on “The squeaky wheel gets greased”. The more your business is using any of the above the more you’ll be noticed. And this, is the type of awareness you do want.

Social media as a new way to connect with your customer is all fine and good.

But before you dive into the social media pool make sure you have a compelling reason “why you?”. Without that, all the squeaking in the world won’t help. In marketing, it will always come down to “why you?”.

Answer that… on your Facebook page.

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