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It Ain’t Dead Yet!


In 1897, Mark Twain quipped “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

Today, this is being said of print and TV advertising. We won’t include outdoor… so long as there are drivers and traffic jams, there will always be billboards.

In present day America, our society probably has a 40/60 split. With 40% of consumers reading books, print magazines and good ‘ole TV. While the younger ones (the 60%) favor digital books, digital magazines and video streaming.

All print publications have web magazine versions and online advertising opportunities. Forgetting whether you embrace this change or not, this is the way it’s headed. Fishing where the fish are… your demographic target dictates where you need to place your messaging.

Facebook, mobile, online ads, Twitter? Depends. If you’re engaging the consumer… they’re all viable. Utilizing Twitter, a real estate agent can send a Tweet to notify home buyers of the latest showing; efficient and captive.

Sorry, I know it’s all the rage, but if your customer is a business, you probably won’t glean the benefits of Twitter or Facebook.

Those mags I mentioned earlier… with online versions? Well, their print version could be just the place for you. Because the shift from print and TV hasn’t happened for every business because their customers haven’t made the shift from print and TV.

Now, whether it’s old or new school, marketing is STILL about creating awareness, exposure and ‘why you’. That’s it…. the strategic bottom line.

Speaking of bottom line, you’ll get more bang for the buck by weaving in new marketing approaches now; weeding out ones that work from ones that don’t.

Print and traditional TV aren’t dead yet… but it’s coming.

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