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There’s Strategy and then there’s Entertainment!


Which do you prefer?

As a consumer it would have to be a resounding “entertainment!”. As a business person, targeting your core customer, it would probably still be entertainment. “Ummm, how else do you create awareness and get the consumers attention?” True. People always remember the funny commercial.

However, strategy plays a very important role in marketing. At the very least, your product uniqueness has to be shown or explained to your target – i.e.: here’s why you need to buy this! Do you know what motivates them? Reasons to buy will vary from Boomers to Gen Xers to Gen Yers.

OK… with your strategy firmly in place, now you can be entertaining. Strategy + entertainment = exciting! The idea should “grab” the public and educate them about the most important benefit. Keep it simple… no “War and Peace“. We’ve found that a wry observation about life or society will help you connect. To be fair, wit or humor doesn’t work every time. One, because some products require a serious demeanor and Two, what’s humorous to Xers or Yers may not be to Boomers.

But keep in mind, doing the unexpected pays dividends… and will help separate you from the competition. And that, is always entertaining!

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